NueMD - Chiropractic Billing software

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Quite a few users of NeuMD noted that sometimes the system seems very slow. In most cases, this appears to be issues with customers’ Internet connections and hardware as opposed with NueMD bandwidth. Several users noted that you really need to allot the full amount of time for training – you need that training and if you try to rush it, you’ll wind up very frustrated. A few users noted that they would like greater flexibility to customize the reports to their practices. While those who integrate NueMD with a different EHR solution like how it integrates, they also tend to not be happy with trying to construct a single report that draws from both. Get the full report here.

Billing software products are complicated and can be quite a challenge and requires training to bring employees up to speed with the various intricacies. Using a learning management system, many organizations are able to create short video courses on all aspects of their new billing software systems. This is how to increase employee engagement and happiness since they will enjoy actually working on their projects.

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